if H & L still had twitter conversations today, what kind of things do you imagine they would say? —Anonymous



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harry styles is at his mother in laws wedding 


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i can just imagine harry and louis sitting with their food talking amongst others and someone says “so when is your wedding louis?” and louis says “idk - when is it” and looks at harry with a smirk and harry smiles and says “i’m just waiting for my ring louis then i’ll pick a date”.

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Louis, are you really engaged with Eleanor?
No! No… No. I wasn’t expecting uuuhh…

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So at one of the New York signings, this girl gave Harry a shirt about gay rights and Harry held it up and called out to Louis. “Hey, Lou.” And showed Louis the shirt. At first Louis didn’t know why he was showing him the shirt until he looked again and saw what the shirt said. Louis then smiled.

I think this says something.

Remember how this was posted on tumblr a few days before Harry showed up in the ‘Love is Equal’ shirt?

freethegayboys:  For the life of me I cannot get over the fact that this is not a photoshop. He really wore it.

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